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...i will be happy to receive the help. A: In fact, you should consider using a WAI-ARIA attribute: Also, make sure to not use the old tabindex. Pages Saturday, June 24, 2011 Weekend Stampin Up! Deals! The weekend is here and this week I will be working on another stamp set! Here are a few deals I have over the next couple of days. Remember though, these deals are only for the first day of the week. After that, I’ll start a new set. Today’s deal is for a limited time only. You can get a bundle of 5 totally customizable canvas stamp sets for only $19.95. I’ve used this set to make the one on the right. The set is stamped with the retired dreamy solid stamps. It includes 2x3 coordinating dies, two different glaze, two different inks, and two of the coordinating stamps. That’s enough to make a beautiful canvas.Ethereum Investors Suggest Selling $1 Billion In The Coming Weeks Investors in the crypto market are selling $1 billion worth of ether in the coming weeks, a report suggests. The market appears to be jittery after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) denied the status of crypto-based exchange-traded funds (ETF). This is as investors and speculators are now trying to dump on the market. ETF Denied The SEC rejected the proposed rule change because it claimed that the proposed rule didn’t seem to adequately ensure that crypto-based ETFs will not “pose a risk to investors in that they would provide access to investment exposure to instruments that are not eligible to be listed on [the] NYSE Arca or the Nasdaq.” Markets Are In A Dump With a volatile market, the Ethereum price is down by about 13 percent in the last seven days. There has been a slight bounce, but the market is dumping. A crypto blogger, Tone Vays, explained that there was a bearish sentiment since yesterday. He tweeted, “Fears that GDAX will fail to provide the products we want because we can’t have it aren’t based in reality. GDA



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